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Find out more about the Property Employment NZ launch and what we are doing

Find out more about the Property Employment NZ launch and what we are doing

Posted on 5th February 2020 by Russell Phillips



Having been involved in the recruitment sector since 1991, JOBCORP NZ Director, Russell Phillips was best known for building New Zealand’s most established motor industry recruitment company which has remained leader in its field for 29 years.  We are now advisers to many in the industry and on occasion even government and peak industry bodies.  

Over this extensive trading period numerous senior managers naturally gravitated into the property sector from the motor industry.  Despite not being specialist property recruiters at the time our company had become well known for ethical recruitment practices.  We were encouraged by one of these executives who built, award winning Lovegrove Realty the Professionals and then The Rent Shop national operation many of you will be observing now.  This company wished for us to provide recruitment services for them despite us initially being outside our area of speciality.  Both companies held similar views on culture development and the quality of hires necessary to excel.  It is no secret the results were terrific.

The Rent Shop was keen for JOBCORP NZ to expand our services to their competitors.  While this viewpoint may seem unusual, bringing exceptionally talented people to the property industry will benefit everyone.  Reducing the current merry go round effect of employee’s being head hunted from one company to the next is common sense, it allows each company to grow their organisation and their own talent.   It is this style of trading we are known for, placement of long-term hires that grow through an organisation and excel.   If you are going to do something, do it right, Property Employment NZ Ltd was born. 

 Are we different? Yes, our point of difference is we work out the big picture.  You will see immediate benefits from the first hire, but you will also see we have considered much more than most companies could have comprehended in the first meeting.  Overtime you will note you are building a team that works together, you will start to understand you have a team that can work strategically.  They will seemingly understand what you are telling them like it is natural to them and that is because it is.  We believe reasoning skills are important here at Property Employment NZ and that truly exceptional employees have complex personalities that must be considered in the bigger picture of the team you employ. 

What makes a good recruiter and how do they achieve results most employers cannot? Russell will tell you integrity.  A genuine willingness to discuss concerns you have observed when interviewing candidates is essential.  Lets be direct here, a recruiter who is pointing out concerns in the candidate they are presenting clearly takes the risk of losing a placement.  You must have good spatial skills to recognise that not only does this approach benefit the employer, it benefits the candidate you are placing in employment.  Transparency and knowledge builds understanding and if the recruiter or employer gets it wrong it is a nightmare for all parties.  It is just common sense to build transparency into your recruitment style because the employer learns to trust your judgment.

Good recruitment is more than that though, it is a unique ability to comprehend what the client is telling you they need, understanding how they will find the skills they are describing.  Not only does a good recruiter comprehend your needs but they have the ability to measure skills and attributes and provide concrete evidence they have found what your looking for.  This takes true skill.  It also takes intelligence because a good recruiter needs reasoning skills such as logical reasoning ability.  The exceptional recruiter also needs superior communication ability to explain the complexity of the finding in easy to understand terms.     Our consultants all possess the attributes described above but also possess the one special trait that makes them unique….decency!

Clearly a recruiter who possess talent can bring a major return on your investment, but it is the decency of their later actions that will allow you to retain the investment.   

Right now, we are engaging with selected clients.  You need but one vacancy for us to show you just how significant our services could become to your company.  Contact us