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Relocating to New Zealand

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Relocating to New Zealand

Where to start

So you have decided to move to New Zealand.

In addtion to our services for New Zealand job seekers, through the employment of our own full-time Licensed Immigration Adviser, Property Employment NZ Ltd  has a history of helping skilled migrants move to New Zealand.

The advantage of employing our own Immigration Adviser should not be dismissed lightly. Prior to commencing our own immigration division, we discovered the complexities for migrants navigating between the recruitment company, the Immigration Adviser and the employer were challenging. With the service provided in-house, all the complexities are removed.

Not only will you enjoy the seamless process between Immigration Adviser and recruitment company but our fees for immigration advice are deliberately set below that of many other companies. This way we can attract the very best skilled migrants to New Zealand for our employer clients.

There is no requirement to use Property Employment NZ’s Immigration Adviser. You can use your own if you so wish and we do not charge for any recruitmet related services. This said it just makes sense for skilled property industry migrants to use the service. The combination of no fees for recruitment, low fees for Immigration Advice, and seamless processes between all services just works.

Through our parent company, it has taken us since 1991 to get to this point; we trust we are able to exceed your expectations and you enjoy our service.