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Auckland City: “The City of Sails”                                                                        

Population: 1.5 million
A dynamic world-class city with abundant opportunity.

Auckland is known as the 'City of Sails' and it is little wonder why. Aucklanders are known as fanatical boaties with some remarkable 500,000 watercraft shared between the region’s 1.7 million residents. This is New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing city.

With some 22 beautiful islands, hundreds of beaches, one of the best native forests in New Zealand, surf beaches, harbours, some of the best schools, universities, hospitals, and sporting facilities in the world, Auckland is truly a worldwide, competitive city.

For New Zealanders this is the career capital of New Zealand. Job opportunities and leading career paths are abundant, so much so that in many cases candidates arriving could in many cases achieve job offers within hours of landing in the country. Those New Zealanders living here can often progress their careers inline with their ambition.

Auckland has the country's highest wage rates and a booming economy which is rarely duplicated worldwide. For new migrants, Auckland provides a stable economic base from which you can grow a prosperous career while having a safe and well-supported environment for your family.

To those that know Auckland, however, it offers much more. Here the city meets the country and you will find it all in this sprawling and exciting city. Whether you are seeking a thriving urban environment in the heart of a city that has vibrant and colourful nightlife with international concerts/entertainment and world-class restaurants, suburban family bliss where you can raise the kids with great educational facilities and sports grounds, or alternatively live in a small secluded village next to the sea, all is possible in Auckland.

Aucklanders have the best of all worlds; if you haven’t got a boat but want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life there are so many quiet bays and an untold number of regional reserves that you won’t be disappointed. Aucklanders tend to holiday outside the city during long weekends and holiday breaks with the east coast of Coromandel being just 2 and half hours drive.

Employment drivers are too many to list but the powerhouse of New Zealand’s strong economy is most definitely Auckland. Employment is consequently usually available for most skilled migrants and New Zealanders wishing to relocate to specific reigonal areas. 

Auckland truly is the land of opportunity.

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