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Tauranga City: Enjoy your own 21-kilometre golden sand ocean beach

Population: 141,629

One of the fastest growing cities in New Zealand is Tauranga City and it is little wonder why this region is so popular given the gorgeous 21 kilometres Mt Maunganui beach and some of the best weather in New Zealand. The "Mount" as it is called is a short distance out of the main centre. Mt Maunganui is a golden sand beach which has rolling sand dunes starting approximately halfway down the beach; it is a popular surf beach and a trendy Christmas holiday spot.

The city also boasts great restaurants and nightlife and has a wonderful cafe scene around the hub of the Mount retail business district. A range of pools for the kids including hot pools, slides, and day spas for adults are also featured.

Tauranga Harbour is a popular cruise ship destination and also New Zealand’s most active port. With great schools, hospitals, and more it is a fantastic family destination. The area is particularly well known for growing tangelos (a grapefruit/tangerine cross) and kiwifruit. More recently, areas surrounding Mt Maunganui, such as Papaoa, have become home to upmarket housing and commercial developments.

The pressure is on the property market in Tauranga; the region has become one of the most popular to live.  Residential and commercial real estate have multiple opportunities, so too do many areas of property employment. Be part of the action. 

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