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Eastland / Gisborne


Population: 36,721 

Gisborne has some of New Zealand’s best beaches, native bush walks, not to mention some of the country's best vineyards. The region is New Zealand’s most easterly city hence the phrase Eastland which has emerged in recent years.

Property is not expensive in Gisborne and employment is relatively easy to secure for experienced applicants. .

Gisborne was the place to be for capital gains in the property market last month, Real Estate Institute data shows.

Across the country, median house prices were up 3.2 percent year-on-year in May, to $578,000.

If you took Auckland out of the calculation, prices were up 7.2 per cent. Auckland's price was up 1.2 per cent on an annual basis but the number of sales in the city dropped almost 22 per cent compared to May 2018.

But Gisborne leapt 54.4 per cent to $440,000 from a median $285,000 last year.

The climate is excellent with Gisborne enjoying some of the highest sunshine hours in NZ with warm summers and mild winters.

Gisborne in recent times is becoming a popular location for those in Auckland to move to. The cost of housing is the drawcard along with a more enjoyable pace of life and scenery for those not keen on big cities. There is little doubt all the activity in property investment will bring.

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