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Fiordland – perhaps the most beautiful location in the world

Wild and dramatic scenery

The magnificent Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound are the most photographed regions in New Zealand and are internationally acclaimed as one of the world's most spectacular heritage parks.

A cruise on the Milford Sound is the New Zealand Automobile Association's number one thing to do in New Zealand. Put it on your bucket list now!

The Fiords are of unparalleled beauty with tall, snow-capped mountains reflecting in the calm waters. It is one of the great wilderness areas of the Southern Hemisphere.

This is an area where snow-capped mountains, rivers of ice, deep lakes, untouched forests, and tussock grasslands produce a landscape of exceptional beauty. Some of the best examples of animals and plants, which were once found on the ancient super-continent of Gondwana, still exist here.

Employment is understandably difficult to obtain here but nothing is impossible, right? We live in hope is the truth, JOBCORP owned Automotive Employment NZ Ltd, our sister company, once made a placement in this region so we are not quite sure how we will achieve it but we simply have to equal the achievement if not better it. 

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