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Kaitaia: The springboard for exploration of the Far North

90 Mile Beach, Kaitaia is the northernmost town in New Zealand and described as “the springboard for the exploration of the far north” with a population of approximately 5,200 taking Kaitaia East and West into account.

Kaitaia is the gateway to Ninety Mile Beach which gained its name from the land speed record which was broken in 1932. Ninety Mile Beach appears in the NZ film “The World's Fastest Indian” a character by the name of Wizard Smith erected a garage on the beach and attempted to break the land speed record. Ninety Mile beach is actually 50 miles or 90 kilometres long and is not actually New Zealand’s longest beach. Not far from Kaitaia is a range of favourite holiday spots. Spirits Bay, Matai Bay, Ship Wreck Bay are some of our tips you should not miss.

Employment in Kaitaia is spasmodic and will depend on vacancies being available on the day you apply.


Kerikeri is a delightful location situated in the north of the North Island on the east coast. It boasts a beautiful east coast ocean beach, a picturesque harbour, and some great NZ history. Kerikeri is also a thriving town in which it is possible to earn a reasonable income and has great tourist attractions not to mention some of the world's best oranges. Kerikeri is described as “the cradle of the nation” with a rich and diverse history dating back to 1821.

As an added bonus Kerikeri is also close to, or more correctly, part of the Bay of Islands and a short drive to Matauri Bay which is an absolutely stunning white sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters. The Cavalli Islands are 5 minutes boat ride out from Madurai Bay and is the site the Greenpeace flagship was laid to rest and is now an internationally significant scuba diving wreck. The temperature in this region is great virtually all year round.

If you are looking for employment in this area contacting us is a must as this is the favoured holiday destination of our Director and consequently we are well connected in this region in a variety of areas.

Bay of Islands

Described as New Zealand’s top holiday destination the Bay of Islands has 144 islands and offshore bays. It is a tourist destination in the truest sense with all sorts of activities from submersible submarines to charter fishing vessels and cruises. The town has a fantastic network of restaurants, cafes, campsites, and five-star accommodation.

Property roles are few so contact is required to discuss what has emerged and where on the day.

Whangarei City: The Gateway to the Bay of Islands

Described as the gateway to the Bay of Islands, Whangarei is a highly progressive city with a population of approximately 85,000 in the Whangarei district. The economic activity in the area is big enough to ensure a good standard of living.

The city has some quite spectacular beaches, bush, waterfalls, and scenery. The Poor Knights Islands (now a marine reserve of international significance) are 12 miles off the coast of Tutukaka. The islands were once described by Jacques Cousteau as one of the top ten diving spots in the world. With the Hen and Chickens Islands also close by this is understandably a paradise for boaties and the fishing around Whangarei heads and the Hen and Chickens is pure heaven.

Website "Oneroof" comments in July 2019, "Northland's property prices show no sign of abating. Northland prices were still rising was no real surprise as the region was still seen as a desirable place to live, particularly by Aucklanders moving to Northland. 

"That's reflected by the rises of some of those suburbs that may not have been so in demand previously, but because they are more affordable, they are now very much in demand. It's catch-up time for them,'' Vaughan said.

"There's buoyancy in Northland's residential housing market, even though the rate of house price inflation has slowed. The median value of all properties in Whangārei has in the last year risen 9.7 per cent to $520,000, although growth has stalled somewhat in the past quarter to 2.8 per cent.''

''Evident in the figures is the region's strong appeal to first-home buyers, who now represent 29.6 per cent of all new mortgage registrations. In line with other areas around the country, there has been a drop in buying activity by investors - those who own three or more properties - and multi-home owners

Roles are often available in property management, real estate including residential commercial and rural, and many of the support industries providing essential services to the property sector.

Dargaville: Heart of the Kauri Coast

Situated on the west coast of the North Island this town is described as being the gateway to the Kauri forest. Dargaville has a population of approximately 4,500 and nestles amongst the hills radiating northwards from the Wairoa River.

West coast beaches in New Zealand are often long, rugged and unspoilt and frequently produce fantastic rolling surf due to the prevailing west coast winds. A short trip further up the coast will bring you to New Zealand’s longest beach and, when in season, this is the place you can find Toheroas which are a large, delectably delicious shellfish.  This whole area, however, has a charming and friendly feel to it.

Very few roles emerge at Property Employment NZ Ltd in Dargaville because of the size of Dargaville town. This said, if you want to move there, engage with us.

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