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Taupo and National Park: New Zealand’s adventure capital

Population: 36,000

This remarkable region has New Zealand’s largest lake and is well known for its trout fishing and adventure activities which range from white water rafting, snow skiing, fishing, caving, climbing, 4×4 driving parks, boating, tramping, nature studies, bird watching, thermal resorts, hot pools, jet boating, and kayaking just to name a few.

The National Park area is about an hour away from Taupo, is a world heritage park and features Mt Ruapehu, Mt Tongariro, and Mt Ngaruahoe. Ruapehu is a top class ski field in the winter with the Whakapapa ski area having some 900 hectares of lift-accessed skiable terrain and five on-mountain licensed cafes with 30 groomed trails, while Turoa also has 900 hectares, 3 on-mountain cafes, and 22 groomed trails. The lift network and T-bars are the best in the country.

National Park is not just about skiing however; the more remote parts of the mountain host another of New Zealand’s great walks and this one is best completed over two days. The walk will take you through fragile virgin alpine flora, past a soda waterfall and the ascent of a natural staircase leading up to the spectacular cone of Mt Ngaurahoe, the ascent of which can be safely completed by anyone with common sense who has an excellent level of fitness. After climbing Ngaruahoe, it is off to some of the most phenomenal scenery New Zealand has to offer, views to Mt Taranaki, Lake Taupo, and in fact a 360 degree panorama unequalled anywhere, the walk continues past emerald and cobalt blue lakes, on mountain volcanic activity to the Ketatahi hut at 1800 meters where you can stay the night for $15 and have stunning views. The sheer majestic feeling in this region can only be experienced by visiting it.

Employment and accommodation are possible but difficult and the best way of achieving this is to spend time making the contacts in Taupo.

News site NZ Herald reports, "house and land values in Taupo continue to soar as the demand pushes prices ever higher.

Although values have begun to steady in some areas, local real estate agents expect prices for waterfront and other sought-after properties to continue rising.

The annual revaluation of the Taupo district by Quotable Value Ltd shows that the total capital value of the district at July 1 is now just under $10 billion, an increase of 26 percent on 2003.

Land value has jumped even more sharply, increasing by 42 percent to reach just over $5 billion.

In the residential market, increases were even greater.

Several prime lakefront sites have had apartment complexes developed and values in Taupo's smaller townships have also risen.

Turangi and Mangakino both recorded large land value increases, with land in Mangakino increasing five-fold in value. However, Mr Power said both townships had previously experienced very low values in comparison with Taupo and lakeshore settlements.

The average Taupo district home now has a capital value of $323,000 and the average section value is $173,000.

There is little doubt all the activity in property investment will bring jobs to the region so we are keen to engage with job seekers and employers in Taupo and surrounding areas.

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